Wedding Handkerchiefs

We all know this age~old saying, ‘Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…’ and the rest of the rhyme is…’and a silver sixpence in her shoe!’

This little ditty is thought to have originated in the late 1800’s Victorian England.

And, a bride’s ensemble would certainly be incomplete without the addition of a lovely antique or vintage handkerchief, like the ones below:


Breathtaking and exquisite in their beauty, just like the bride!

The antique or vintage handkerchief can fill the need of ‘something old’ or ‘something blue’ as there are many handkerchiefs with blue tatting around the edges or blue embroidery work like the ones below:




Giving the bride a gift of a handkerchief is something she’ll cherish. It may also be passed down to her daughter on her wedding day. What a thoughtful gift!  You will find hundreds of handkerchiefs at my shop 

An antique or vintage handkerchief is a gift that is affordable, will stay beautiful for years to come and remind the bride, not only of one of the happiest days of her life, but also of you!

Hope to see you soon at

Have an elegant day!  xo





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